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08-APR-2017: Buddhist Leadership Going Forward

Date : 8-Apr-2017, Saturday
Time : 10am to 12.30pm
Venue: BGF Ara Damansara
Speaker : Assoc Prof Dr Wong Yin Onn.
The sharing deals with Leadership issues addressing What are the Challenges of Buddhist Leadership in the present age? 
How do we cope with 21st century technology and a generation used to Instant results and multi sensual stimulation?
How do we make Dhamma studies interesting and relevant to Youths?


29-APR-2017-TO-10-MAY-2017: 12 Days of Wesak @ BGF


12 Days of Wesak 2017


This year, BGF is proud to present to you a 12 Days of Wesak celebration. Make this year a year of practice and aspiration. Be part of our celebration…


16-APR-2017: Sun@Bgf “Pretenders to the 4 Brahma Viharas”

Date : 16-Apr-2017 Sun@Bgf
Time : 9.00am to 11.30am (BGF Café starts from 11.30am )
Venue: BGF Ara Damansara
Speaker : Bro Lim Kooi Fong
The four Brahma Viharas are considered by Buddhism to be the four highest emotions. The Brahma Vihàras, namely loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity - are not emotions one occasionally feels but those that one ‘lives in’ and ‘lives by’ all the time. Bro Lim will touch on the "pretenders' of these four values, and how to spot these "close enemies" so that one is not caught practicing them thinking that they are practicing the right thing. He will also share his experience in teaching these values to young adults, and their response to the teachings.


23-APR-2017: Sun@BGF "Introduction to Buddhist Bible" by Bro Tee Chee Seng

Date : 23-Apr-2017
Time : 9.00am to 11.30am
Venue: BGF Shrine Hall, Ara Damansara
Speaker: Bro Tee Chee Seng
Take a short journey back in time to learn how the Buddha’s teachings are being recorded and how more than 12,000 long and short suttas are compiled to give us the Pali Canon Tipitaka (The 3 collections of Rules of Conduct / Vinaya, Discourses / Sutta and Higher Analysis of Dhamma / Abhidamma). 


27-APR-2017: The Soldier Who Became a Monk

Date : 27-Apr-2017, Thursday
Time : 8.00pm to 10.00pm
Venue: BGF Shrine Hall, Ara Damansara
Speaker: Ven Sanghasena Mahathera
He innocently joined the Indian Army, attracted by the glamour of the uniform.  Being disillusioned after realising that his task was to kill other fellow human beings, he left the army and became a Buddhist monk as a soldier of love, compassion, enlightenment and to bring hope into the lives of the forgotten and destitute.


29-APR-2017-TO-06-MAY-2017: Retreats I & II with Ajahn Brahmali

 Date : 29 Apr - 2 May (Retreat I)
               3 May - 6 May (Retreat II)
Time : 8.30am - 8.30pm (Non-residential)
Venue: BGF Ara Damansara
Facilitator: Ajahn Brahmali
Sutta & Meditation Retreats with Ajahn Brahmali.
Retreat I - Taking the Buddha as Your Teacher
Retreat II - How to Be A True Disciple of the Buddha


17-MAY-2017 International Buddhist College BGF Visit

Date : 17-May-2017 Wednesday
Time : 8.00pm to 9.30pm
Venue: BGF Shrine Hall, Ara Damansara.
Speaker 1: Ven Wei Wu
Topic : Buddhists Should Support Buddhist Education at all Levels.
Speaker 2: Mr Sergio Leon Candia
Topic : A Buddhist Approach to Social and Environmental Crises:
Engaged Buddhism, Social Action and Permaculture.
Admission is FREE, Open to ALL Non-Muslims. No registration required.
For enquiries, contact 012 635 5571 Bro Bobby Ng


20-MAY-2017 & 27-MAY-2017: "Laughter Yoga for Health and Happiness in conjunction with Mindfulness Based Emotional Composure"

Date : 20-May-2017 & 27-May-2017, Saturdays.
Time : 2.00pm to 6.00pm.
Venue: BGF Ara Damansara, Level 2 Hall.
Register online at


21-MAY-2017: Sunday@BGF with Bro Billy Tan “When ‘Self’ Comes to Mind”

Date : 21-May-2011, Sunday
Time : 9.00am to 11.30am (followed by BGF Café lunch)
Venue: BGF Ara Damansara, Shrine Hall.
Explore from a scientific perspective how ‘self’ comes to mind when we personalise (‘upadana’) bodily sensations. 


26-MAR-2017: Sun@Bgf Practical Applications of Dependent Origination by Nyaninda Bhikkkhu

Date : 26-Mar-2017
Time : 9.00am to 11.30am
Venue: BGF Shrine Hall, Ara Damansara
Speaker: Nyaninda Bhikkhu.
Nyaninda Bhikkhu, a graduate in Electrical Engineering from Sydney University, Australia, he received his Higher Ordination as a Bhikkhu under Sadhammaramsi Sayadaw in 2004. He has received serious contemplative training under Pak Auk Sayadaw. He finds that studying the original words of the Buddha according to the system of Listening, Contemplating, Meditating has greatly enhanced his understanding and practice of the Dhamma. 
Note : All are welcome to offer lunch dana to Nyaninda Bhikkhu and another accompanying monk.


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