BGF30: Celebrating 30 Years of Togetherness

Buddhist Graduate Fellowship was founded in 1980 and its name was changed to Buddhist Gem Fellowship when the society was officially registered on 9 March 1989 with the noble intention to propagate the Buddha Dhamma and to cater further to the needs of the community.

Over these three decades, we have served the community in eight core areas, namely:

  • Buddhist Education
  • Dhamma Propagation
  • Spiritual Development
  • Leadership & Training
  • Fellowship & Welfare
  • Counselling
  • Research & Publication
  • Creative Performing Arts

These core areas have benefitted the Buddhist community immensely, promoted growth within the organisation and more importantly, extended the Buddha’s Dispensation.

The efforts of and contributions from our members over the years have been vital to our growth and continued service to the community. We deeply appreciate the invaluable support garnered from everyone, especially the committee members and volunteers, for their tireless service to BGF.

We look forward with enthusiasm to further growth and achievements, and take the opportunity now to convey our gratitude to everyone for their continued/future contributions to BGF. Maha Sadhu!

We have lined up numerous activities throughout this year! Let’s celebrate and grow together! Stay tuned by visiting

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