Wayfarers – Moments of Inspiration


Album: Moments of Inspiration
Singer: Wayfarers
Producer: Victor Wee
Production Year: 1982

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Truth inspires. Truth awakes the mind when it observes the mysteries of life and nature unfolding, moment to moment.

The disciple of the Buddha is a Truth Seeker. He seeks to penetrate into the realities of life and understands life as it really is. The Master taught that it is better and harder to conquer oneself, than to win a thousand battles.

By following His Teaching , the earnest disciple learns how to reduce his defilements, increase his skillfulness, and keep his mind pure. He will attain to full spiritual height and gain mastery over himself. Indeed, he will become a true conqueror.

This first album of the Wayfarers conveys the inspiring message of the Buddha and the noble way of life He taught.

Track Listing

Track 1 Bodhisattva 2:49
Track 2 Climb the Path with Gladness 2:27
Track 3 Right Thought 2:08
Track 4 Oh Suffering World 3:14
Track 5 Infinite love and wisdom 2:10
Track 6 Wheel of Life 2:10
Track 7 Why 4:15
Track 8 Anthem of Unity – karaoke
Track 9 The Bodhi Tree 2:21
Track 10 The Three Signs 3:29
Track 11 Thoughts 2:39
Track 13 Let’s Sing the Praises 2:16
Track 14 Buddhist Doxology 1:50
Track 15 Right Action 3:09
Track 16 Anthem of Unity 1:48

About the Wayfarers

The Wayfarers is a group of Buddhist singers and musicians who express their inspiration in the Dhamma through songs. They consider themselves committed to walk the Buddha’s path or the Middle Way. They think of themselves as “travelers” with the noble intentions to bring about inspiration and spiritual upliftment with their sweet singing voices.

Their songs were composed by their leader, Victor Wee, Tan Huat Chye as well as other song writers. They have five albums to their credit, namely, Moments of Inspiration, The Sunrise Comes, Nirvana Sweet Release, A Light in the Darkness, and Sasanarakkha – Guardian of the Sasana.

The Wayfarers has a large following in different parts of the country and their albums were distributed to various countries with English speaking Buddhist communities such as Singapore, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, United States of America, and United Kingdom. The Wayfarers has performed in concerts in throughout the country and Singapore.

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