Wayfarers – The Sunrise Comes


Album: The Sunrise Comes
Singer: Wayfarers
Producer: Victor Wee
Production Year: 1982

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The sun rises above the horizon and covers the whole world with its golden light. Where there was darkness, now there is light. The Buddha arises in the world, bringing Light and Illumination to all sentient beings.

Where there was fear and suffering, now hope and Liberation. We embrace the Buddha’s teaching and dedicate ourselves to realise our true nature and gain enlightenment, like a lotus opening its petals in the morning sun.
Singer: Wayfarers
Producer: Victor Wee
Production Year: 1982
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Track Listing

Track 1 Sunrise Comes 1:31
Track 2 Nirvana’s Endless Day 2:50
Track 3 Truth Within You 1:53
Track 4 A Wesak Tale 2:27
Track 5 Flower of Mankind 2:38
Track 6 Wesak Dawn 1:22
Track 7 We Shall All Overcome 3:34
Track 8 Mortal & Immortal 3:05
Track 9 His Lovelit Image 1:46
Track 10 Blessed Refuges 2:47
Track 11 Law of Karma 2:47
Track 12 Fare Ye Well 2:43
Track 13 Song of the Pilgrim 3:24
Track 14 Self Reliance 2:33
Track 15 Ancient Path 3:37
Track 16 Angulimala 3:04

About the Wayfarers

The Wayfarers is a group of Buddhist singers and musicians who express their inspiration in the Dhamma through songs. They consider themselves committed to walk the Buddha’s path or the Middle Way. They think of themselves as “travelers” with the noble intentions to bring about inspiration and spiritual upliftment with their sweet singing voices.

Their songs were composed by their leader, Victor Wee, Tan Huat Chye as well as other song writers. They have five albums to their credit, namely, Moments of Inspiration, The Sunrise Comes, Nirvana Sweet Release, A Light in the Darkness, and Sasanarakkha – Guardian of the Sasana.

The Wayfarers has a large following in different parts of the country and their albums were distributed to various countries with English speaking Buddhist communities such as Singapore, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, United States of America, and United Kingdom. The Wayfarers has performed in concerts in throughout the country and Singapore.

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