Date : 15 July 2018, Sunday
Time : 9.00 am to 11.30 am (Join us for lunch at BGF Cafe after the talk)
Venue: BGF Ara Damansara
Speaker: Bhante Ayagama Siri Yasassi Thero



Bhante Ayagama Siri Yasassi Thero from Sri Lanka became a novice at age of 10 in 1994, followed by Higher Ordination in 2004.A First Class Honours in Bachelor of Arts,with a Masters of Arts,he is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Abhidhamma. The title Siri was offered by Siyam Nikaya’s Kotte Chapter to the most educated Samanera of the year. He also obtained the Royal Pandith Degree from the Oriental Languages Society.

At present, Bhante is the Chief incumbent of Maitree Dharmayatana Temple,Sri Lanka, Founder of the Dharma-Vijaya Buddhist Association,and Director and Principal Lecturer of Dharma-Vijaya Institute of Buddhist Studies & Oriental Languages.

In Malaysia, Bhante is a lecturer in Pali. He oversees classes in English with the Centre for Diploma & Degree Courses in Buddhist Studies at Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields in collaboration with Sri Lanka Buddhist & Pali University.

Runs around KL in the day, lays cable for BGF at night…

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