Buddhist Education

The Buddhist Gem Fellowship observes that one of the most important aspects of spiritual development involves Dhammaduta for whole family. With the need to promote Buddhist values to entire families, the BGF Buddhist Education was formed to structure a holistic Buddhist curriculum for children aged 4 to 17 years of age under the Gem Kids and Gem Teens program.

The Gem Kids and Gem Teens program hopes to provide Buddhist children with the exposure towards Buddhist values, and conduct while also learning about Buddhist culture via Buddhist music, art and craft, history and geography.

The BGF Buddhist Education is currently servicing over 100 children from over 70 families with our dedicated 24 Volunteer Teachers and Helpers. Our program runs on 20 lessons a year for 3 hours per lesson. Via the BGF Dhamma Minders program, we are aspiring to enlarge our Volunteer Teachers and Helper capacity so that we can accommodate more families and children to benefit in our work and our programmes.

The BGF Buddhist Education understands that “the Gift of Truth, Excels all Gifts”. In this way, we strive to provide our best for the families and children under our care. We thank you for your support to us as well.

Buddhist Gem Fellowship