i.gemz Buddhist Music

Music as a Dhamma Door

​The Buddha’s message of love and light brings joy to our hearts and relief to our pain. He inspires us to walk the path of truth and find inspiration within. His timeless message gives us strength to ride the waves of change and weather the insecurities of life. We, the i.gemz found inspiration from the Buddha’s timeless message and would like to convey to you the Buddha’s love and wisdom through meaningful and uplifting songs.

Cradled in Buddha’s Arms (2005)

Rainbow of Blessings (2009)

Love Will See You Home (2019)

Outreach through Buddhist Music

As part of our Dhammaduta work, we constantly seek and welcome opportunities to share the Buddha Dhamma through music with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Take a look at our previous outreach activities and invite us to perform at your event!

Buddhist Gem Fellowship