Celebrating 30 Years of Togetherness - Fundraising Dinner

This year BGF celebrates its 30th Anniversary, that is, 30 Years of Togetherness. We take the opportunity to convey our thanks and gratitude to you and all supporters as we look forward to many more years of dedicated Mission.

To commemorate this milestone, the 30th Anniversary dinner will be held.


42th INCOVAR Dhamma Camp - Journey

Journey to Self Love begins with self-discovery…

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Jun 05

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BGF Counseling Unit

If you require a listening ear, please do give us a ring during the following times:

Time: Monday to Friday. 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Helpline numbers: +603-7859 9610 or +603-7859 9682

Metta Meditation

Time: Wednesdays: 8:30pm – 10:30pm


Qi Gong Class

Time: Thursdays: 8:30pm – 10:30pm


Origin Point Therapy (OPT)

Time: Saturdays: 10.00am – 12.00pm


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Ajahn Brahmali’s Sutta & Meditation Retreat 2019

Click on the dates to view each respective event's calendar entry Date: 15-17 Mar 2019, Friday to Sunday - Sutta Retreat 1 Date: 17 Mar 2019 - Public talk, Sun@bgf Date: 18-21 Mar 2019, Monday to Thursday - Meditation Retreat Date: 22-24 Mar 2019, Friday to Sunday -...

Outreach: Fellowship Trip to Ipoh

A day trip was organised on 24th November 2018 by Sister Dolly Teoh to Ipoh, Perak. This was the final trip organised by her for 2018. There were 30 participants with ages ranging from 76 years old to 7 years old. The trip was led by Brother Richard Moo. We gathered...