GEMS for your well-being

“When we began the journey to train volunteers to provide effective help to people in need, there was a need to find good resources to train our volunteers; both the reading materials as well as the right speakers to share their respective areas of expertise. So, this eBook is really a good capture of the practice wisdom of the many good hearted volunteers who came forward to volunteer their time and efforts to share with the participant of our various levels of training programs.

Mr Keek Seng Bee in his Foreword and Introduction

These articles by our speakers zoom in on the various issues which are relevant and current in the fast paced and uncertain, unpredictable world of today – Marital relationship, Domestic violence and Depression during a lockdown.

Reading this collection of articles will give past participants of Gem Helpline’s Level 1 and 2 courses a greater depth of understanding of the topics covered.  For those who have yet participated in our courses, this book will be a taste of what is in store for them when they do take our courses.

Buddhist Gem Fellowship