Discover the “Secret to Happiness” with Ajahn Brahm on 17 December 2017 in a Public Seminar consisting of three sessions:
Session 1: Dealing with Rejection and Self-Worth
Session 2: Power of Mindfulness and Compassion
Session 3: Q&A
Ajahn’s talks and Q&As are eagerlyanticipated events owing to his skillful delivery which weaves wit, humor and wisdom into a delightful tapestry. The seminar will also introduce a short meditation practice – Meditation ‘Espresso’ – on how to meditate effectively within 5 minutes any time anywhere. This highly-useful tool can be the key to countering our busy schedules in order to practice meditation on a daily basis.
Details of Event:
Date:    17 December 2017 (Sunday)
Venue:  SJK (C) Puay Chai 2, Bandar Utama
Time:    8.30 am – 5.00 pm
Registration Fee (Donation) Required:
Adult – RM 62.00
Student (Undergraduate and below) – RM 31.00


Buddhist Gem Fellowship