Ajahn Brahmavamso will be at BGF Centre from 19 – 21 Dec 2019! The following are session lined-up for everyone.

i. 19 Dec, Thur – 8.00pm: Public Talk – Dhamma in Daily Life Challenges

ii. 20 Dec, Fri – 2.00pm: Sutta Class – Ratana Sutta (Registration required)

iii. 20 Dec, Fri – 8.00pm: A Session with Youth – Hard Talk with Ajahn Brahm: Happiness for Millennials (Registration Required)

iv. 21 Dec, Sat – 9.00am: A Day with Ajahn Brahm – Transforming from Ugly Duckling to a Graceful Swan (Registration Required)

To register, please click on the following link:
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