Moments we wished we could communicate more clearly!

Whether it’s a sales presentation that didn’t quite go as planned, or an opportunity turned down because of a fear of public speaking, or even your most current presentation to you boss, all of us have faced situations where better public speaking skills would have altered the course of our life.

This is especially true for people who suffer from a crippling fear of public speaking, fear which often holds them back from opportunities for leadership and advancement.

The BGF Effective Speaking Course (ESC) is specially designed to enhance confidence and eloquence of people speaking in public.

Each year, we produce graduates who aspires to become dhamma speakers furthering with the Dhamma Speakers Training Programme, dhamma teachers, effective leaders and competent users of communication tools in social and corporate aspects.

As Buddhists today, it is important to be well equipped with such valuable tool which can be applied to our work life. Join us in our upcoming session and benefit from the various trainers who have vast experience in this field.

Come and join our Effective Speaking Course. Do not let the fear of Public Speaking hold you back!

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WhatsApp Chee Onn (012-3619151)
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Participation Requirements

Must attend and participate (in full) for at least 8 out of 10 modules in order to qualify for the Certificate of Completion


Course Timetable (Saturdays)

4/8 – Session 1 & 2 (3pm – 9pm)
11/8 – Session 3 & 4 (3pm – 9pm)
18/8 – Session 5 & 6 (3pm – 9pm)
25/8 – Session 7 & 8 (3pm – 9pm)
8/9 – Session 9 & 10 (3pm – 9pm)
22/9 – ESC FINALE (7pm-10pm)



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