Buddhist Gem Fellowship has commissioned a stupa to be built and placed on the 3rd floor that is being renovated at the current BGF Centre in Ara Damansara.

We invite you to participate in the BGF Stupa project, with a contribution of RM100.00 per share.

If you like to join in the stupa project, please complete the Google form and bank-in the payment. You are advised to act quickly in connection with this merit-making opportunity. Once the target amount has been reached, the fund collection will stop.


How do I donate

Payment can be made in the following ways (Refer to the project visual)
(1) Buddhist Gem Fellowship Maybank account 5147 2112 6638,
(2) TouchnGo e-wallet,
(3) Duitnow, or
(4) Maybank QR code.

What do I do after donation

Kindly do the transaction first, then capture screen of the receipt
After that, kindly attach your payment receipt in the file upload below.

If you have more than 1 person of the same who would like to participate in this project, you may make payment for all of them and key in their names and their membership status in the form below

Thank you for your support.

Contact information
Jacqueline Ee (+60 13-351 8018 or jacquilee1217@gmail.com)

The Stupa enshrines the relics of the Buddha, saintly beings and/or holy objects. It is a rare and meritorious opportunity to participate in the construction of a stupa, which is one of the three objects of veneration for Buddhists.

Buddhist Gem Fellowship