It is our duty as Buddhist parents to ensure that our children get good moral education and training in line with the Buddhist tradition. The best time to provide this is when our children are still young.

Buddhist Gem Fellowship runs Dhamma classes for children from ages 5-17 years twice a month, on 2nd and 4th Sundays.

  • The younger children will learn the Five Precepts, Life of the Buddha and other Buddhist values through various activities, such as fun and interactive story telling.
  • The older children will be engaged in purposeful conversations on values and Dhamma topics.
  • All children will be guided through brief awareness and mindfulness meditation.

There is a Special Interest Group (SIG) on 3rd Sundays for children to express themselves with hands-on Arts & Craft or Musical Singalong with Buddhist values.
Classes are conducted online but we will opt for physical classes once it is feasible to do so. For the time being, online classes will be held from now up to May. We aim to deliver an enriching program for your children, thanks to our team of dedicated volunteer facilitators, where some are parents like you.

Donations are welcome for Gem Kids/Gem Teens 2021. Because classes are held online, fees are waived for Buddhist Education this year. Those for have made payments earlier can get a refund.

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