GemKids Exhibition 2020 – Batik

To commemorate our National Day and Malaysia Day, we dedicated a lesson on batik. The background and the characteristics of Malaysian batik are introduced to children to create a better understanding of Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage.

Wax crayon is used to imitate the wax resistant technique used in batik- making and thereafter, the children apply watercolours. Turtle is chosen as the drawing object for younger children, while the older children worked with hibiscus, the national flower of Malaysia.

We practised our ‘Rukun Negara’ at the end of the lesson. The wax resist in Batik also reminds us of the Five Precepts in Buddhism, which protect us from crossing our lines and guiding us towards a virtuous life.

by Emmeline, age 13
by Brian, age 10
by Mabel, age 12
by Leia, age 12
by Janice, age 12
by Kyle, age 9
by Ken Jin, age 6
by Kai Rui, age 6
by Xin Yee, age 6
by Ariya, age 8
by Ern Yee, age 8
by Kai Chun, age 9
by Shu Anne, age 9
by Jee Yun, age 8

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