GemKids Virtual Exhibition 2020 – Buddha’s Half Face

A Buddha silhouette is created using wax crayons. Children learnt to select their preferred shades of vibrant colours and the technique of blending between the colours. They then used black as a contrast colour, to create a peaceful silhouette image of the Buddha. The completed art piece gives an inner feeling of calmness.

Buddha Images
by Yee Jing, age 12
by Brian, age 10
by Daania, age 12
by Darren, age 11
by Emmeline, age 13
by Janice, age 12
by Keenan, age 14
by Leia, age 12
by Mabel, age 12
by Rahul, age 14
by Yee Xuan, age 14
by Yi Kai, age 10
by Olivia, age 8
by Kyle, age 9
by Jie Shen, age 7
by Jee Yun, age 8
by Jamie, age 9
by Shu Anne, age 9
by Reese, age 9
by Ern Yee, age 8
by Kai Chun, age 9
by Ariya, age 8
by Ansley, age 8
by Xin Yee, age 6
by Kai Rui, age 6
by Jayden, age 4
by Ee Thong, age 6
by Ken Jin, age 6
by Alex, age 6
by Aiden, age 6

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