GemKids Virtual Exhibition 2020 – King Parrot

The King Parrot was mistaken to be a greedy parrot. After eating the paddy grains from the farmer’s field, he takes some more grains in his beak and flies back to the forest. Only later the farmer learnt that the parrot was actually carrying the grains to feed his aging parents, young parrots which can’t fly yet, and also the injured ones. We learnt about compassion and kindness from the story.

Children made a collage of the parrot.

King Parrot
by Alex, age 6
by Annabelle age 4
by Ee Thong, age 6
by Xin Yee, age 6
by Ansley, age 8
by Ern Yee, age 8
by Reese, age 9
by Shu Anne, age 9

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