GemKids Virtual Exhibition 2020 – Tabebuia Rosea

Children are introduced to Tabebuia Rosea (风铃木), commonly known as the ‘Malaysian Sakura’. It is a common sight along the highways and neighbourhood gardens, however only blooming twice a year. Children are guided to draw a life-like tree using simple watercolours techniques and utilizing cotton buds to create the flowers. The flowers symbolize impermanence in life.

For younger children, they had a bit of fun using straws to blow the wet paint and create the branches.

Tabebuia Rosea - Watercolour Painting
by Ashlynn, age 10
by Ashlynn, age 10
by Brian, age 10
by Daania, age 12
by Je Dern, age 12
by Je Er, age 13
by Leia, age 12
by Mabel, age 12
by Ansley, age 8
by Ern Yee, age 8
by Reese, age 9
by Shu Anne, age 9
by Jamie, age 9
by Kyle, age 9

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