GemKids Virtual Exhibition 2020 – The Jackal Who Saved the Lion

The Bodhisatta was once born as a lion. While chasing a deer, the lion’s feet got stuck into the mud. The lion cried out loud for days. A jackal passing by heard the cry and helped the lion get out from the mud. The lion was very grateful and both of them became good friends.

Children were asked to draw “Friendship Flowers” to acknowledge their friends. Each petal represents the friend’s good quality or a special activity they like to do together.

The Jackal Who Saved the Lion
by Ern Yee, age 8
by Yi Qing, age 6
by Aiden, age 6
by Alex, age 6
by Dong Vern, age 5
by Ee Thong, age 6
by Jayden, age 4
by Jun Cheng, age 6
by Ken Jin, age 6
by Natalie, age 4
by Adelyn, age 6
by Annabelle, age 4
by Kai Rui, age 6
by Dong Ian, age 7
by Xin Yee, age 6

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