by Sister Yeoh Phaik Sim


All the way from the MCO to the CMCO, and now the RMCO, BGFCU has been organizing online training for our para-counselors (PCs). All this training has been made possible thanks to Sis. Yin Heng and Sis. Sook Ping with the support of technology.

In some of the refresher classes, the PCs shared their actual experiences, contributing to very enriching discussions. They were also guided through group supervision and case management to strengthen their skills in offering emotional support.

Organizing these online training sessions was much easier than expected with the likes of Zoom or Google Meet. There are fewer logistics involved (booking of rooms, availability of equipment, etc) and no food catering needed though we do really miss bonding over food. For participants, no traveling time is required and joining any class is just one click away.

While online training may be the new normal, we do look forward to the day when we can sit together, tell our stories, and have a good laugh over food of course. After all, human beings are social creatures who thrive on personal interactions.

Buddhist Gem Fellowship