by Cindy Chew

Between 30th Nov and 2nd Dec 2019, a total of 38 participants comprising 21 parents and 17 teens aged between 12 and 19 years old participated in the BGF-gloWithin ‘Bridging Minds Joining Hearts’ parent-teen camp held at Broga Bliss Eco Resort. This was the 4th year running that Buddhist Gem Fellowship and gloWithin have joined hands to conduct this meaningful camp under the guidance of Bhante Kumara.

Below are some of the thoughts shared by the teenagers and parents after the camp:

Question: What was the best part(s) of the camp?

Selected answers from Teens:

“Balloon game”

“Yoga, mindful nap”

“Spending time with other teens and tightening bonds between my family (more important)””  

Some thought shared by teenagers and parents about Bridging Minds, Joining Hearts. This is a parent-teen camp jointly organized by BGF and gloWithin. It was held at Broga Bliss Eco Resort between 30th November 2019 and 2nd December 2019

Selected answers from Parents:

“10 minutes emphatic listening”

“Sharing session with children”

“Parents sharing / Facilitator sharing / Guidance and suggestions to parent”

“Discovering myself as a parent and methods/tools to connect with teens. Digging out the hidden emotions in both parties, dissecting what went wrong and how to improve communications.”

“Partner yoga, wise words of encouragement from Bhante. Lots of reflections.”

Sadhu and we rejoice in the great effort of all participants for making time to attend the camp. We are also grateful to the owner of Broga Bliss Eco Resort for offering her place for us to use. And a big thanks to the organising committee, facilitators and Bhante Kumara for the dedication and generosity in making the camp possible, sharing priceless knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of all.   

Buddhist Gem Fellowship