Participants of the 32nd ESC Speech Contest

After over 8 weeks of lessons from 4 August till 22 September 2018, the 32nd Effective Speaking Course ended with the Speech Contest on 22 September 2018 at 7pm by all qualifying participants.

Only participants who have attended at least 80% of the lessons qualified for the Speech Contest and were presented with their Certificates of Achievement.

The BGF 32nd Effective Speaking Course was held every Saturday between 3pm to 9pm to benefit Buddhists by developing their self-confidence in public speaking and enhancing their communication effectiveness.

We hope that through this course, participants are able to enhance their public speaking skills, develop self-confidence and self-reliance and able to persuade, motivate and communicate effectively.

Throughout the 8 weeks, we were very fortunate to have Bro Loi Hui Kong to be our course facilitator and head mentor to guide and support the participants so that they can speak effectively.

Participants of the 32nd Effective Speech Contest

The BGF Exco would like to take this opportunity to thank the trainers and mentor for this Effective Speaking Course who have committed their Saturday afternoon and nights to coach these participants.

Appreciation to our trainers Bro Loi Hui Kong, Jack Tan Chun Sian, Datuk Seri Dr Victor Wee, Poh Wee Fah, Loo Han and our team of mentors Bro Loi Hui Kong, Jennifer Chua, SY Yeam, Shalyn Loh, Chin Aik, Chooi Leang, our team who work tirelessly to help coordinate the food; Jacqueline Lim, Jacquelyne Ann and Raymond Ng. And not forgetting Jacquelyne Ann, Johnson Mah and Bro Chong for coming forward to give a sample speech to inspire the participants.

Winners of the 32nd ESC Speech Contest

Winners of the ESC 2018 finals were:-
• Champion : Lam Jun Hui
• Runner Up : Lim Yu Cheng
• 2nd Runner Up : Yuki Chan Shan Jie
• Most Diligent : Lai Kah Seng
• Most Improved : Wong Chor Wan
• Consolation : Sherine Liew and Ng Xin Zhao

ESC 2018 Organisers would like to thank all our facilitators, timekeepers, sample speakers, volunteers and helpers for their commitment in assisting to make the ESC 2018 possible in one way or another.

Buddhist Gem Fellowship