by Leia and Sara

On 22nd Sept 2019, Sila and Suta GEM kids went to the Escape room organised by Teacher Lynette. Leia and I were really excited, underestimating the level of difficulty in the Escape room.

We were split into teams of 7 to 8 per team. We were sure that 8 heads should be able to figure the way out.

We did the ‘Mysterious Room’ first. Since the difficulty level was only 4/5 stars, we thought that with a team like ours, we could breeze through. Too bad, we were absolutely wrong.

We came out of the “Mysterious Room” very frustrated. We couldn’t even make it to the second room. We replenished ourselves with snacks and went to our second room “Space Voyager”.

This is how we felt! but no matter what, we have each others’ backs.

“Space Voyager” was the hardest one, according to the staff. But to our surprise, we made it into the third room. We were almost done when time ran out.

We were terribly dejected. But we still learned to work together as teammates instead of tearing off each others’ socks in frustration. It was a cool human bonding experience.

Read on to see how our Gen Kids fare in the Escape Room!
Happy again! Because it’s eating time and laughing time.

I really wish that BGF Gem Kids would organize another incredible outing that will not only give us thrills but also teach us valuable lessons.

Buddhist Gem Fellowship