Date : 6-May-2018, Sun@Bgf
Time : 9.00am to 11.30am
(No BGF Cafe, public is welcomed to offer lunch dana to 2 monks)
Venue: BGF Ara Damansara
Title : The Path to Enlightenment
Speaker: Nyaninda Bhikkhu



Suttas are not just for scholarly understanding but for us to apply in daily life in our path towards enlightenment; to experience and see here and now (Ehi Passiko). There is a difference between knowing the Path and walking the Path.

In this talk, we will be discussing quotations from various Suttas to see their application in daily life in walking the path towards enlightenment.



Nyaninda Bhikku is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from Sydney University, Australia. He received his Higher Ordination as a Bhikkhu under Sadhammaramsi Sayadaw in 2004. He has received serious contemplative training under Pak Auk Sayadaw. He finds that studying the original words of the Buddha according to the system of Listening, Contemplating, Meditating has greatly enhanced his understanding and practice of the Dhamma.


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