All of us wish for happiness and peace but why do we again and again fall prey to anger, fear and unhappiness.To know what helps is one, and to put it into practice is another. Find out more how one can be free from these two hindrances of the mind so one can incorporate helpful actions and strategies that leads to true peace, love and wisdom.


Date: 01 July 2018 , Sunday.
Time: 9.00am to 11.30am.
(Join us for lunch at BGF Café after the talk).
Venue: BGF Ara Damansara
Title: “Freedom from Fear and Anger”
Speaker: Ven. Sumangala Bhikkhuni


Speakers Profile

Ven. Sumangala Bhikkhuni received MA Philosophy, 2011 from International Buddhist College, Thailand and a MA in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, 1999 from UKM. In 2008 under the sacred Sri Mahabodhi at Bodhgaya India, she was ordained following the Sri Lanka Theravada Dasa-Sil tradition under the preceptor-teacher Ven. Mahinda Maha Thera and later, Samaneri was ordained under the preceptor teacher Ayya Santini Theri and  bikkhu teacher Ven B. Saranankara Mah Nayaka Thera.

Currently, she is the President of Ariya Vihara Buddhist Society, KL  and Selangor and one of the advisors of Gotami Vihara Society. Her research and paper and writings.- Buddhist Women Teacher: Lay and Ordain was presented in Sakyadhita Conference in Vietnam 2010 and Unity of Three Buddhist Traditions was published by BGF in One Dhamma Many Buddhist Traditions 2013.


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