GemKids Virtual Exhibition 2020

Gem Kids is delighted to present our students’ artwork through a Virtual Art Exhibition format this year. The exhibition features about 120 art pieces done by our talented students from the ages of 4-14 years old, during their online classes. They are made up of a variety of art forms – collage, watercolour paintings, pencil drawings, crayons and mixed media. These were made during Dhamma and Special Interest Group (SIG) classes.

GemKids online class – preparing artwork

Art is subjective and offers beautiful possibilities. When students are in the creation process, they are focussed and mindful. Along the way, they learn to accept the outcome as they are based on the causes and conditions at that time. Hopefully through this experience, all of us learn to let go of duality labels such as good/bad, beautiful/ugly, etc.

We hope this virtual exhibition showcases their artistic accomplishments and motivates more creations in the future!

The gallery can be accessed by clicking on the images.



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